Thank you all

We just wanted take a minute to give a huge Thank You to everyone who has shown up to support us. We truly underestimated the turn out we would have starting out. As some of you know that have been out this week at times it gets a little chaotic as we work to get everyone served. As each day goes by we are learning what works and what doesn’t, training new team members, building routines and realizing what a huge amount of stock and effort it takes to get everyone in and out as fast as possible. We’re getting better every day so if you came by and we didn’t live up to your expectations please come back and let us know . For the most part it seems everyone is as excited about our new place as we are and we’ve even seen many of you return, some every day! Again, Thank you all. If for some reason you don’t have a great experience let us know and give us a chance to make you want to keep coming back . We love our customers and can’t express our gratitude enough.

As Jack would say “ Love keeps the island as one”.

Thanks again all !

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